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Telepsychiatry Private Practice is the online recruiting subsidiary of PMPI,  If you are looking to practice anywhere in California, explore our unique services now. Contract with us to get paid on patient visits, without your staff having to arrange appointments, reminder calls, collections, We manage all that and let you focus on clinical care.

Our public clinic contracts have guaranteed payment arrangements within 30 days of the following month.

Excellence and Success, High demand during COVID-19 emergency and ongoing! Given the recent changes in the Laws it makes it easier to Practice Tele-Health


We have now 18 years of experience in setting up multiple practices with HIPPA compliant equipment and connections, infrastructure of billing and collection, and practice locations throughout the state of California. We set up opportunities for you to instantaneously succeed in private practice setting. All the headaches of administration is ours. You don't have to start with each patient to build up over years, patients are there for you to see immediately as soon as credentialing is done (you sign up with us instead of insurance companies). You can start a practice from a home office avoiding all overhead. If you already have an office and need to fill up a schedule, we are there to help.

Screening of outpatient clinics where you can practice and you keep your style of practice

Comprehensive Solutions

We’re a leader in communicating and matching you with the right clinics and practice locations in California. Check out our listings and get in touch with us to learn more on how you can apply.

Telepsychiatry Private Practice

Apply by sending your resume or e-mail us

email  or  fax resume to (888) 263-8551

We know how difficult the hassle of setting up and succeeding at a practice can truly be. That is why our team of experts does everything to take the pressure off you. We specialize in sourcing and supporting all admin aspects in whatever your needs may be. We are here for you. Contact us to jumpstart your career and make the process as simple as it can be.

Telepsychiatry Private Practice Clinic

Understand the needs of your Practice, based on your lifestyle, experience, and temperament we are a professional group in the field of Psychiatry

Work With the Best

Here at Telepsychiatry Private Practice we focus on sourcing best-in-class candidates for rewarding positions throughout the state of California, and we specialize in the world of Telepsychiatry. Contact us to let us know what you’re interested in, so that we can match you with the right clinic from our universe, that is best suited for your qualifications and skills.

Telepsychiatry Private Practice

Top Telepsychiatry Company with A-Z solutions for Psychiatrists

Whether it is Private Practice enhancement or a long term solution for your lifestyle of practice of Psychiatry, telepsychiatry brings home solutions for a very satisfying career. You can proceed with a relaxed work atmosphere on a slow paced patient visits with a robust hourly income or you can incentivize your work speed with less hours of work and more patient visit for a huge hourly income. Practice the way your temperament suits you. We have solutions for both ways of practice!!


Supplement your current outpatient Private Practice

If there are gaps in your schedule, if you are tired of reimbursement limitation due to insurance rejection of benefits and have to deal with EOB's for hours, our solution is the headache free solution for you! Clean per patient visit payment guaranteed!

Data on a Touch Pad

Now helping Psychiatrist settle in Jobs and Private Practice in California more Aggressively than ever before

In the year 2020-2021 we have added 10 more sites which has the capacity to accommodate 160 hours more of work a week. This implies up to 4 FTE equivalent BE/BC Psychiatrist with or without sub-specialization. Don't WAIT!! we had already filled up 3/4 th of these positions by June of 2021.

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